Located on the outskirts of the state forest of Marly le Roi, a few kilometers from Versailles and the Camp des Loges, Forest International School (www.forestinternationalschool.com) has just joined the Savio Education group.

Founded in 2004 by Olivier Wyler, Forest International School is a private bilingual English/French school for children from 2 to 15 years old from all backgrounds under the PC and MYC standards and whose reference curriculum is the English National Curriculum.

With a pedagogical approach that considers every aspect of a child’s life, intellectual and physical development, placing the well-being of each child and academic standards at the forefront, Forest International School strives to bring pupils to the joy of learning, enabling them to grow in confidence and freedom. These teaching methods embody the pedagogical project and values of Savio Education.

Under the caring and attentive eye of the teaching staff, the children follow a program of activities that takes them from the villa classrooms to the forest classrooms every day. This open classroom plays a very important role in the children’s learning, but also in their physical and spiritual development.

As an active member of the Eco-School network, environmental awareness and respect are taught in the many activities offered to the pupils, such as handicrafts, gardening, and cultural activities. A library as well as a heated swimming pool and a sports field complete the facilities.